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Building Materials and Construction Methods

Ramp Frames:
ResiRamps are built tough using only the best materials. All ramp frames are constructed with pressure treated, weather resistant lumber unless desired otherwise. 2 x 6 transition joists are spaced 8" O.C. with the use of joist hangars for extra strength. Flat-bottom joists are spaced 10" O.C. Transitions are cut using a computer numerically controlled (CNC) router or they are precision cut on site using the "string and compass method". Standard radius for 4' high halfpipes is 6' 10 1/2". Most 4' high ramps are 28 ft. long from end to end. Deck-Mate brand screws used for construction. Every screw is countersunk to create a smooth, snag-free skating surface. NO NAILS! As a low budget option, or indoor ramp, the customer may choose to have ramp frame built with untreated lumber.

No concrete slab is necessary. Ramp footings consist of strategically spaced and levelled concrete blocks.

Galvanized steel coping comes standard.

Marine grade or composite 5/4" x 6" aesthetically pleasing and durable deck boards are commonly used.

Halfpipe surfacing consists of a layer of 1/2" pressure treated plywood, and an optional additional layer of either black Paneltech surface (New!), Ramp Armor Deluxe, or Skatelite-Pro surfacing. The Paneltech surfacing comes in black only. The color options for Skatelite-pro and Ramp Armor Deluxe are: black, tan, or brown.

ResiRamps Team:
ResiRamps is skater owned and operated. Chad Bertelson (skater/owner) is the chief designer and installer. He has been skateboarding since 1986. He holds a masters degree, has architectural/CAD experience, and lots of building experience. For enjoyment and product testing, Chad personally rides each ramp with the customer upon completion.
Daryn Bertelson is ResiRamps' web master. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. David Bertelson is our Registered Architect.

Pictured below: ResiRamps owner Chad Bertelson at an installation in Texas.

Pictured below: ResiRamps owner Chad Bertelson at an installation in Connecticut.

Pictured below: ResiRamps owner Chad Bertelson dropping in to the HGTV ramp.

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